In an effort to document the history of the Carl Hemeon Assembly of the Society of American Magicians, we are listing the previous winners of our three awards offered to the magic community.


Carl Hemeon Award of Excellence
(Chosen by President and Past 2 winners) Survey of members to assist in choosing. Performing excellence and service to the club including regular attendance and hosting a meeting within the past 2 years.

Past Winners:

Ray Roch 1988
Shawn Farquhar 1989
Lon Mandrake 1990
Julianna Chen 1991
Anthony Young 1992
Ed Silva-White 1993
Rod Chow 1994
Craig Peloquin 1995
Juan Garcia 1996
Lon Mandrake 1997
Ambrose 1998
Not Awarded 1999
Reg Donnelly 2000
Rod Chow 2001
Lon Mandrake 2002
Michael Glenister 2003
Ray Roch 2004
Trevor Watters 2005
Shawn Farquhar 2006
Henry Tom 2007
Jens Henriksen 2008
Shawn Farquhar 2009
Ray Roch 2010
Steve Dickson 2011
Rod Chow 2012
Dennis Hewson 2013
Tony Chris Kazoleas 2014
Rod Chow 2015
Jeff Christensen 2016

Lottie Hemeon Award for Best Assistant
(Chosen by President and past 2 winners) Nominated by club members and can be an assistant to someone outside the club.

Past Winners:

Julie Peloquin 1989 (Craig Peloquin’s partner)
Linda Mandrake 1990 (Lon Mandrake’s partner)
Shannon Purcell 1991 (Steve Eastman’s assistant)
Carol Roy 1992 (Marvin Roy’s partner)
Not awarded 1993
Lori Farquhar 1994 (Shawn Farquhar’s partner)
Sylvia Chow 1995 (Rod Chow’s partner)
Not awarded 1996
JoAnne Medway 1997 (Ray Medway’s partner)
Not awarded 1998
Not awarded 1999
Anne Eng 2000 (Tony Eng’s partner)
Teresa Midbo 2001 (Murray Hatfield’s partner)
Linda Mandrake 2002 (Lon Mandrake’s partner)
Hannah Farquhar 2003 (Shawn Farquhar’s assistant)
Lorena Paradon 2004 (Trevor Watters’ assistant)
Melody Choi 2005 (Jack Chow’s assistant)
Sylvia Chow 2006 (Rod Chow’s assistant)
Teresa Midbo 2007 (Murray Hatfield’s partner)
Lorena Paradon 2008 (Trevor Watters’ assistant)
JoAnne Medway 2009 (Ray Medway’s partner)
Lorena Paradon 2010 (Trevor Watters’ assistant)
Linda Mandrake 2011 (Lon Mandrake’s partner)
Lorena Watters 2012 (Trevor Watters’ partner)
Not Awarded 2013
Chloe Crawford 2014 (Murray Sawchuk’s partner)
Not Awarded 2015
Teresa Midbo 2016 (Murray Hatfield’s partner)

Leon Mandrake Award for Magical Entertainment
(Chosen by Mandrake family in consultation with executive and past two winners) Winner must display excellence in showmanship and creativity in performance. It is helpful if they have had some national or international recognition as well.

Past Winners:

Shawn Farquhar 1993
Julianna Chen 1994
Ray Roch 1995
Lon & Linda Mandrake 1996
Julianna Chen 1997
Shawn & Lori Farquhar 1998
Rod Chow 1999
Shawn Farquhar 2000
Gary Savard 2001
Murray Sawchuk 2002
Shawn Farquhar 2003
David Wilson 2004
Ray & Joanne Medway 2005
Rod Chow 2006
Lon & Linda Mandrake 2007
Trevor Watters 2008
Shawn Farquhar 2009
Trevor Watters 2010
Henry Tom 2011
Ray Roch 2012
Tony Chris 2013
Trevor & Lorena Watters 2014
Jeff Christensen 2015
Shawn Farquhar 2016

DEAN of Assembly #95
Shawn Farquhar 2011